Koreans claim that C.W. were sex slaves abducted by the Japanese armed forces.

However, the claim has no ground at all.

Thorough research reveals that Comfort Women were nothing but, professional prostitutes who were paid for their services.

Koreans fabricated history to accuse Japan.

No former Comfort Women ever proved that she was abducted by Japanese armed forces.

A.U.S. government war report simply states that Comfort Women are professional prostitutes.

Prof. Ahn Byong-jick of Seoul University concludes that Comfort Women were prostitutes and home of them were abducted by Japanese armed forces.

There are some documents that assert Coercive recruitment of Comfort Women.

The U.N. Coomara-swamy report is one of them.

However, these documents all rely on unreliable sources and they are rubbish from historians' viewpoint.

Gemki Fujii (Analyst, International Relations)